October 2017


This girl of mine has rocked a few awesome costumes in the past... but this Halloween she really came into her own with the character of Willy Wonka. A little bit of quirky paired with a whole lotta exuberant style ~ I'd say she nailed her version of Willy Wonka. All pieces were collected from various thrift stores (I do love poppin' some tagswith the exception of the vest which was borrowed from a friend. The walking cane was made using an unfinished wooden dowel rod, painted with glitter paint and topped off with glass ornament, also found at a thrift store for .10¢. We were able to snag a few photographs at a local (closed down) feed company which was absolutely perfect for that "Willy Wonka Factory" feel. Sharing a few of my favorites here ~ 

WILLY WONKA @ The Factory

I love that she just has fun with it!!

Until next year, my Oomph Loompas ♥

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