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SPARTANS, Prepare for Glory!!

 Halloween 2015

He has worn many different faces over the years at Halloween but I must say this year's costume was nothing less than epic! It's definitely going down in the books as my absolute favoriteOh but wait just a second... he did make a pretty dang adorable Dumbo his very first Halloween at 10 months of age.  Hmmm, perhaps Dumbo might give this Spartan Warrior a decent run for his money.
OK the helmet... let's talk about this artisan helmet for a minute. This beauty was handcrafted by my awesome husband who is pretty much the bomb when it comes to making the kids' visions a reality.  So when our teenage son mentioned wanting to be a Spartan for Halloween, the visionary set out to make it all come together. The helmet was created using a simple stainless steel bowl, a hand-drawn template which was cut from aluminum, a fox tail broom and a can of Rustoleum Hammered color paint. It's seriously an amazing piece of art, one which will be cherished for years to come. The shield armor is actually an old copper wall hanging that I stumbled across at a local antique store ~ yep I LOVE poppin' tags! And the costume itself was purchased from a local Halloween store. 
My son graciously obliged for a few photographs... but if I'm being perfectly honest, I think it was only because he was camouflaged by this legendary helmet.


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