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Moments worth Documenting

Winter 2017


As my children grow... so does their reluctance to be in front of my camera. This can be a difficult hurdle to navigate,   not only as a mama but even more so as a photographer. As photographers, we long to document everything, because well, it's embedded in our blood and our thoughts are captive to all things photography. We simply must have that moment committed to art before it's gone forever. But, I'm learning that capturing the details is just as important and sometimes even more so than the "picture perfect portrait". Moments are so fleeting, and the details of any given moment can tell a story all on their own. Details convey a mood, details remind us of what something felt like, and take us back down memory lane in an instant. So the next time your child doesn't want a camera in their face, remember the details. Document the bow in her hair, the lace on her favorite dress, his favorite tattered toy, keep it simple. And I promise you, you'll see the beauty in that moment and you'll be forever grateful it wasn't perfection you documented, it was something far better.

The Details to Relish

Documenting real life moments is always a win- win!!

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