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Merchants Millpond State Park, NC

November 2016


Recently, I took a little trip... over to Merchants Millpond State Park and fell in love with it's beauty and vibrant colors that adorn this quaint park nestled in northeastern NC. This area of North Carolina doesn't really get the extraordinary robust colored foliage that you see in the mountains and northern states {this time of year}, and sometimes I miss those rich colors so much that it hurts! However, I was determined to soak up whatever fall foliage I could muster here locally. So I set out on a little venture, carrying just one lens with me because I didn't want to be weighed down with camera gear. My lens of choice for personal outings is usually my Lensbaby Velvet and just as I suspected, she did NOT disappoint. I even had the luxury of seeing some gorgeous cotton fields along my way {typically they are harvested by now}. Does anybody else get as giddy as me when stumbling across those white fluffy fields of cotton? I mean seriously... endless fields of soft puffy fiber that resembles a powdery dusting of snow BUT with the benefits of a gloriously warm day. YES PLEASE!! And naturally, I did what anyone else would do... came to a screeching halt, pulled over on the side of the road and basked in her beauty!
Thought I'd share my favs with y'all. ALSO, can you find the unexpected heart? ♥

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