Last February...I shared my love of my (then recently purchased) Lensbaby Velvet56 lens in a blog post. Well, another year has passed and I have found that my love affair with Lensbaby has grown even deeper after recently winning a Lensbaby Optic Swap System. In late December 2016 I submitted an image for the 2016 End of Year Giveaway Contest (seen below). The "Exhale" image placed as a finalist, and ultimately I won the giveaway! To say that I was ecstatic with excitement and extremely grateful for the opportunity would be a complete understatement. So what exactly did I win? I'm thrilled to say that a creative tilt Composer Pro II lens + Edge 50 Optic are now part of my photography journey. Additionally, I won a seat to the "Learn to Bend Your Vision" workshop, instructed by the extremely talented April Milani. So here I am, once again, to tell you just how much I am loving these creative lenses. This remarkable tilt shift lens/optic combo creates a "slice of focus" resulting in endless possibilities, adding somewhat of a romantic feel to images. This lens & optic combo allows you to change your slice of focus depending on the angle in which you tilt your lens. The Edge 50 optic has a focal length of 50mm with its widest aperture of f/3.2 allowing you to stop down to f/22. Below I am sharing some photographs taken with my new Composer Pro II + Edge 50. To view the complete Lensbaby collection and obtain additional information on their lenses and optics, you can visit their site here http://lensbaby. For more info on "Learn to Bend your Vision" click here Not only is April Milani extraordinarily talented but she is extraordinarily inspiring, on every level. In her course you will not only learn the different effects each lens produces but April goes in depth on how to achieve particular results. And no worries, if you do not own a LB lens, Lensbaby will loan you one for the course (just refer to the link for more info!) 
The clouds had formed together and created a shape that looked like a lion exhaling.This journey really makes me think more about who I am as an artist. It has also revealed so much about myself and the issues that I continue to work through. My biggest being FEAR. When I look at this image I see more than an intriguing sky, I see my journey, my struggles, my accomplishments. And I tell myself, “Just Breathe in your Courage & Exhale your Fear” because you can’t kill the Spirit of an Artist.
The image below was a finalist in the End of Year LensBaby Contest. Taken with the Lensbaby Velvet56.

It's Still Love, Lensbaby 



f/2.8 ISO 500 SS 1/1250

All images below taken with the Composer Pro II + Edge 50 Optic

February 2017 | Lensbaby Love

Addtionally, the Edge 50 has an extendable feature which allows for close up shots, focusing as close as 8" away from your subject.