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Entering the World of Double Digits with Beauty, Sass & Wonder...

August 9, 2015 


She’s sassy & smart, she’s bold & beautiful, she's playful & carefree, but even more than that she’s a stubborn hot mess entering the world of DOUBLE DIGITS. Her spirit, at times, is untamable and as a parent it is a challenge EVERY SINGLE DAY knowing when and which boundaries to set without breaking her carefree spirit...because afterall it is our spirit that makes us each individuals.
I followed her through fields of wild flowers, the park, on the beach and near the shore as she explored, frolicked and twirled ~ documenting her story as she was telling it. Wishing this special girl the Happiest of Birthdays!!

My sister-in-law passed along this completely adorable dress and as soon as my daughter laid her eyes on it...she said to me

“I want to do my 10 year photo session in this dress"...WHAT?! somebody pinch me~ my daughter is REQUESTING photographs?


She also recently acquired a box full of unique hats from her Great Grandma...which she has played with everyday since our return home from our visit to Maine. Naturally, one of those hats ended up on this adventure and I'm so glad it did!

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