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EVERY OUNCE OF HEART, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK                        Camden Bears 2014

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

Every time  he  steps  onto that field  he  is  ALL  heart.  And every time  he  steps  off, you can  expect the exact  same thing.  It's  what  he's made  of...and  it's  as  simple  as  that.  He's  My  Fierce #56


Game Day: It's not just about wearing your favorite number on your back or the innate urge to lay the smackdown on your opponent come kick-off time. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure if you were to ask any middle school or high school football player, those things would most definitely be at the top of their list. GAME DAY, for my son, is about everything that leads up to that moment. It's the unrelenting dedication & the grueling amount of hard work that he puts forth at each and every practice. It's the 5 am workouts during the summer with his dad where he busts his tail to build his strength for the upcoming season. But even more than all of the blood, sweat and tears that are sacrificed, there is one thing that truly takes the spotlight, and that's HIS HEART   EVERY OUNCE OF HIS HEART is on the line. And each week he brings 110% of it to the field.
If you have a son that plays (or has played) football, then you understand that feeling a mom gets in her heart, that one that's buried deep down but yet it's so big and so wide that it just might burst each and every time he takes the field. There really is none other like it. And I never even knew that feeling existed until I started watching my only son play the game that he so loves.
I will forever remember watching these moments of him playing football for the Camden Bears during his 8th grade year. Sitting in the bleachers during chilly, fall nights with my husband by my side... we cheered him on, we watched him in glory and also in defeat. These moments are the highlights of the season ~ from the sidelines, to the tackles, the wins AND the losses, and EVERYTHING in between. These are the moments that make your heart swell with pride. These are the moments that will be cherished for years to come.

This particular night ended in a tough loss ~ and he despises losing, but who doesn't? It's a certainty in life, and one that we strive to teach our children to handle with dignity & grace.


"A Moment of Defeat"

Camden Bears Football | Camden, NC

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