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CCHS Prom 2017 


This Spring I had the pleasure of having some awesome young men and beautiful young ladies in front of my camera to document their High School Prom; and today I am sharing these two beautiful souls on the blog. Prom is one of those milestones that deserves to be documented, remembered and reminisced upon years down the road. And this couple happens to be very near and dear to my heart. Here are a few of my favorites ~




You would never know it by these photographs, but the moments leading up to {this} were completely chaotic!! Camden holds their prom on Friday, so as soon as our son arrived home from school that day, he began to get ready. Luke pulled out his white dress shirt from the tuxedo rental only to discover a stain on it!! Ugh, really?! "No worries" I told him, "Just grab your own dress shirt from the closet and it will be fine." (The fact that he evens owns a dress shirt is nothing short of a miracle) and there was exactly ZERO time to run to town in the hopes of exchanging it. Because I had four other couples scheduled for prom pictures!! And another problem awaited... my son couldn't find his dress shoes!! Ugh, are you kidding me! I recruited the entire family and we turned the house upside down looking for said shoes, time was ticking. Thank goodness the hubs was home and came to the rescue, they happen to wear the same GINORMOUS shoe size. However his dress shoes were not at home but at work. He drove (probably at lightning speeds) to meet us back where pictures would follow. During this entire dress chaos, I managed to misplace his cuff links. So no cuff links but I don't think my son gave two hoots about wearing them in the first place (thank goodness!). So all is well that ends well, a back up pair of shoes arrived on scene, and the cuff links were not an epic loss. But the added stress wasn't exactly fun. Sometimes it's easy to forget your come to Jesus moments, even in the little things, and I'm so thankful He listens to ALL OF IT!! And these two souls looked so completely stunning for their magical night. Of course I waited up for him and had exactly two questions before he crashed... "Did you have a BLAST? and "Did they play Footloose?" The answer to both was an astounding YES!!!!!

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