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It is one of the most important celebrations in the Hispanic community honoring young women. A Quinceañera is the celebration of a girl's 15th birthday which recognizes the coming of age, the importance of family, and culture. There are several ceremonial traditions of a Quinceañera, including the beautiful gown, a sparkly tiara and more importantly, the changing of the shoes. OH yes, the shoes!  The tradition of the Changing of the Shoes {from flats to high heels} is typcially done by the father and signifies the transformation of a little girl to a young lady.
I recently had the honor, a privilege really, of photographing a Quinceanera portrait session of the ABSOLUTE lovliest of young ladies. Gabriela has the most caring heart and her smile alone tells you that she is a genuine, sweetheart of a girl. .This session is my absolute favorite to date, not only because it was a dream session {for me} but because it was also a wonderful cultural learning experience. And let me just say, the temperature this day was hotter than hot, a sweltering 102° with pesky bugs everywhere but Gabriela managed to nail every single shot!! Below are some of my favorites from her session~ 

A Quinceanera Princess ... 


And here's where my heart skipped a beat...or maybe ten. I love, love, love when these three worlds collide ~ beautiful subject, dreamy light and a gorgeous location. AHH Gabriela, you are a dream...Happy Birthday sweet girl!

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